Vaastu is a science which channelises the five elements namely Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Sky in complete harmony. There is a clear and scientific reasoning behind every thought and guideline of vastu and it helps energise and offer a convenient and better organized life to a person.

Vastu Shastra has been inherited from ancient India and explained in Vastu Vidhya. All the five elements of nature and the environment have equal effects on each other. These elements affect our body, health, growth, and development.

Vastu has a logical explanation for all the Vastu theories. It is really important to understand the basic Vastu that involves the knowledge of directions, especially if you’re planning on building a new house, office, or any space so that the elements of Tatva brightens your place. For example, if the entrance of your house is east facing, your house will always be brightened with the rising sun rays that symbolize growth and progressiveness.

Dadasshrie – a renowned Vaastu Expert carries a strong legacy and has been helping people in this line for the past 20 years.

The mission has been to improve and energise Life and Business. The Vaastu consultancy will entail being engaged in the business of guiding and ensuring happiness and enjoying the benefits. The suggestions and advise given will help energise the property and help clear the flaws present therein.

Dadasshrie helps in giving workable and effective solutions. These are practical ones and are easy to do. He does not suggest major changes or alterations or demolitions but that which can be easily doable. In this age when people are looking for solutions and are under distress, he ensures that the client is made to understand and he empathises with them and comes with realistic and at the same time affordable solutions.

Vaastu helps get better health, peace of mind, wealth creation by making a subtle change in your place of living or office.

The layouts are done in such a way that there will be balancing the energy and requisite positive vibrations in home and office. We suggest optimum use of colours, shapes, and objects which will enhance the energy and help achieve achieve optimal prosperity, increased growth, harmony, and inner peace.

The important and necessary quality of a Vaastu consultant is to have foresight, vision, practical understanding of the subject, intuitiveness. He understands the problems, comes out with quality diagnosis, interprets the same and gives effective and solvable recommendations.

The clients are based across the Globe and they are all happy to get the results they wanted. The details shared with the Client will be kept confidential and every effort made to help increase for their betterment.

To have internal peace, love and cooperative relationships in the family, contact us to get your house’s Vastu.