विश्व का सबसे विराट - विशाल और वैभवशाली महायज्ञ

What is it?

 An opportunity that will redefine your life.

  • A preeminent mark of the Indian Culture: ‘Yagya’
  • An imperative virtue attributed to Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta: ‘Yagya’

 An event that will rejig your life.

  • The eminent yagya of the Vedic period: ‘The Rajsuya’.
  • The quintessence of yagya : ‘The Rajsuya’.
  • The yagya advocated by the sacred Upanishad and Vedas: ‘The Rajsuya’.

Why is it going to take place?

It has to happen,

  • As the essence of life is Rajsuya.
  • As enlightenment, self-realisation, and attainment of ultimate peace, immense happiness, prosperity are the pivotal substances of the Rajsuya
  • The fulfillment of the dreams and desires of the Yagyakarta is imperative.

How is the Rajsuya going to be imperative?

This makes the ‘ Rajsuya Yagya’ of great importance:

  • Offering chiliad of rare medicinal -herbs.
  • The pious land which has witnessed 12,50,000 yagyas is the venue for the Rajsuya Yagya.
  • The land on which the rarest of the rare the Ashvamedha Yagya, Parjanya Yagya, Narmegha Yagya, Vishnuyag Yagya, Shatchandi Yagya, Mahasaraswati Yagya, Navgraha Yagya, Shivagya, Charveda Yagya, Aryama  Ygya, Mahamrityunjaya Yagya, Laxmi Narayana Yagya,  Soma Yagya, Hanumanta Yagya, Ganpati Yagya, Dridranivarana Yagya were preformed is going to behold the Rajsuya Yagya.
  • The land magical because of the austerity of Bhramharshi Bhagwan Parshurama is the locus.

Who is going to perform it?

  • The exceptional and distinguished luminary whose only goal is in life is the resurrection and continuance of an unscathed Yagya tradition.
  • He who has performed over 8000 yagyas including the rarest of the yagyas like Ashvamedha Yagya, Vajpayee Yagya, Narmedha Yagya, Shatchandi Mahayagya, Shri Vishnu Mahayagya, Sahastra Chandi Yagya
  • Highly inspired by the teaching of Lord Shri Krishna propounded in Shrimad
    Bhagwad Geeta, the who has benefitted more than 12,50,000 Yagyakartas by selflessly and unconditionally immersing himself in this yagya karma.
  • The one, who has accomplished the rare and unsurpassable endeavour, visit to the Kailash Mansarovar numerous times…
  • The one who dreams and aspires for yagya in each and every home…
Legendary, Yagyamurti Dadasshrie.

Where is it going to take place?

A place was considered as a pilgrimage in the ancient times, where yagyas were performed. Thus, each and every home or the piece of land where yagyas were performed became a pilgrimage .
One such scared land is the Yagyam Foundatiion in the Valsad district, where this majestic once in a lifetime event is going to take place.

Who can be the participant?

  • The one who wants to elevate himself to a divine soul.
  • The one who desires to achieve the pinnacle of success.
  • The one whose life is as insightful as the yagya.
  • The one who wants to heal his and his loved one’s ailments.
  • The one wishes to be affluent.
  • The one who wants to attain enlightenment.
  • The one who wants to gain self-realisation.

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