The numbers can tell so much beyond our reach.
Numbers play a very significant role in the universe.

Numerology is an art of event prediction that we’ve inherited from our well-learned Rishi Munis. Numerology is believed to be a method that predicts a person’s nature, happenings, and life events, etc. using numbers associated with names.

Numbers symbolism helps determine a person’s individuality, his talents, behaviors, hidden obstacles, inner needs. The specific figure can be calculated for many things.

For humans, the most important is his soul, destiny and name numbers. All numbers are either good or bad, everyone has their good and bad qualities.

Did you know?

Numerology is a universal concept; despite different methodologies, the basic idealogy revolves around the influence of numbers on our life. Isn’t it interesting to know that each one of us have one number associated with us, and found by simple calculation.

If we talk about the Indian numerology method, there is a small calculation to find out your number, in which each alphabet is assigned a number and we have to find out our number by calculation. Each number of 1-9 has its characteristics.

Are you eager to know what your number is and how it is influencing?

We can derive many aspects of a person with Numerology.

Power of Numbers

The numbers has their power to establish the relation between the Nature’s principles and happenings. Generally, your birth date is your number.

For example:
Birth date: 07 September, 1989
Then your number will be 7.

Birth date : 21st September,1989
Then your number will be 2 + 1 = 3

Finding your number also helps you find your lucky day, lucky color, right time, lucky stone, right metal etc.