Dadasshrie is an Internationally acclaimed and universally recognized and qualified Astrologer and Vaastu Consultant who has clients spread across continents.

He has an intuitive eye for details and has the ability to read and accurately predict charts. He has an uncanny ability to impress upon people to move on in life even if the charts talk of grim reading. He can guide people who come to find out their future. His ability to use the right words and gestures give people the confidence and accept the reality as they maybe – be it good or bad.

Dadasshrie has deeply studied and acquired knowledge on the Sarvatobhadra Chakra, Siddha Chakra, Navmansh Kundli & Yogini Dasha School under the guidance of Jain Acharaya Vijaydan Surishwar Maharaj after putting in precise efforts for half a decade.

He does Puja and Yagna for devotees for their wellbeing and prays for humanity to live in peace. 

All the stupendous efforts and work in astronomy, put in by Dadasshrie, have not gone unnoticed. The Government of India has honored and appreciated the work of Dadasshrie in astronomy.

In the revered regions of the Himalayas, Kailash Mountain, and in the sacred company of Jain gurus, Dadasshrie has deeply researched the School of Tantra Mantra, Navgraha Ratnas & Parad (Mercury). Jain School of astronomy uses complex methods of mathematics and astronomical science. Undoubtedly the scholars of astronomy, globally, consider the Jain School of Astronomy to be the most accurate way of consultation.

In addition, Dadasshrie is a life member of IDI – Indian Diamond Institute, Est. 1978, the most coveted institute in the field of diamonds, gems & jewelry in India. Lacs of people have benefitted globally by the knowledge and guidance of Dadasshrie. His valued guidance and accurate diagnosis in regards to the gems/stones have not only helped the people walk the path to happiness, but also have kept their problems miles away from them successfully.

A number of divine experiences have been witnessed by the Sadhakas who have traveled with Dadasshrie for the holy trips to Mansarovar.

A multitude of people have seen and experienced the positive result of numerous Yagnyas including the rarest ‘Rudraksha Havan’ (5,500 Kundi at one time) organized by Dadasshrie In view of raising the knowledge consistently, Dadasshrie – braving the harsh weather conditions and all odds of the difficult Himalayan terrain has been successful to reach the Holy abode – Mansarovar 14 times(to date), which itself exhibits his Sadhana and Karuna to bless the people.