“If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem. ”
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

Spirituality as a thought and concept gives room for many perspectives. It includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves.  It is on the lookout for meaning of life. Since it is universal, it touches the life of all and gives a wholesome experience. It is described as an experience of sacredness and transcendents many paths and has a way of interconnectedness.

It is left to the individual to find his linkages to the religion they are attached with or find their pure comfort in a Oneness with the Supreme Power or God. Some may look for meaning through their association or connections to the blissful nature or art which they may pursue. It is dependent on the purpose which we are looking for. The understanding of spirituality may undergo changes depending on our personal definition and our own experiences and relationship that we forge. It is ongoing and needs constant evolvement.


One of the basic core tenets of spirituality is to show compassion for other human beings. A  spiritually evolved person will be compassionate toward all. They will not be subjective and will not show discrimination of any sort. They will be kind and can understand the feelings of all.  A spiritual person will certainly make sure that everyone around them is happy, in a state of bliss  and content. They see equality and happiness in all.


Since spirituality is identified with compassion, it will mean that they will be adept at forgiveness. It is said that more we hold on to the baggage of unnecessary thoughts and past deeds of others, we will not have peace of mind. We need to make every effort to do away with grievances to lead a peaceful and happy life. Getting back at people for all the wrong things done is not a good sign and we should evolve to forgive and forget and cherish good memories. It is easily said but people should move towards it and make effort to evolve spiritually and evolve as a human being.

It is imperative to note that one of the basic premise of spiritual life is to attain peace of mind.  A person might feel through his meditation that he is becoming one with the Supreme Entity. A person might do little acts of goodness every day and feel at peace with himself. We should become better as human beings and ensure that we help others to become better.

Good at heart

Spiritually inclined persons have a composed disposition, and nothing affects them be it good or bad and they have equanimity which makes them very efficient handlers of stressful situations. Spiritual people have high self esteem and they have the uncanny ability to make  others around them feel the same way.


Spiritual persons live in harmony within themselves and with others without compromising on their beliefs. Spirituality, like faith, is a very personal matter. The underlying theme of spirituality is to look for inner peace and live without being selfish. It can be said that if people find peace and meaning in life, without ever harming anyone, that is spirituality.

As we delve further and further into the annals of modern science and try to unearth the mysteries of the very universe, we feel a growing need to depend on something greater than ourselves. In today’s troubled times, when the world is fraught with racism, poverty, and international mistrust, the search for sacredness is all the more relevant. Mankind is increasingly feeling the need to turn within oneself and invoke their spiritual selves, because that is where peace is. Spirituality is important in every aspect of one’s life, and in the greater picture as well.

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