The Significance

Ashvamedhasya yajmaanah 
ih janmaani shreeman bhavet |
Tasya bhagyachakrey Rajyog 
praapti prati janmey bhavishyatey ||

The blessed soul who accomplishes Ashvamedha Mahayagnya leads the best life in this birth with good fortune and attainment. Such a blessed soul leads the life of a king and enjoys Power, Prosperity, Wealth, and blissfully privileged life.

The Eminence of Ashwamedh Mahayagnya

Ashvamedham va kartaro, ih janmaani shreeman bhavet |
Tain bhagyam Rajyogam prati janmaan bhavishyatey ||

The person who performs Ashvamedha Yagnya in this birth becomes extremely prosperous and in all the following births, his fortune has a very strong Raj Yoga (blissful, privileged & Royal life). The well-known truth is that “The person who performs Ashvamedha Yagnya in his next birth is born in a Royal family and himself becomes a King”. This is well documented & mentioned in our Shastras (The Holy Vedic books).

Ashvamedha Yagnya Substantiation

The mention of Ashvamedha Yagnya accomplished by King Dashrath and Lord Shri Ramchandraji is there in “Ramayana” and “Ashvamedha-Gemini (Holy Puraan book) In the 2nd Century B.C. during the Brahman reawakening period, the Brahman King Pushyamitra of the “Shringa Dynasty” conducted the Ashvamedha Yagnya twice. The introduction of the same is found in the seal depicting Ashvamedha’s activities & gestures.

In the South, the “Chalukyaas” and “Dravidas” and in the North, the “Aryan Kings” kept the tradition of Ashvamedha Yagnya alive. In Great King Yudhishthir’s “Ashvamedha Yagnya” Lord Shri Krishna rendered his service in the dining hall by picking up the dirty dishes (plates), and since then the pot used to collect & keep dirty dishes (plates) is called “Krishnapaatra” (Krishna Pot) So if Lord Shri Krishna himself can offer the service of picking up dirty plates, then one can very well understand the value & greatness of the “Ashvamedha Yagnya”.

Legislation Of Ashvamedha Yagnya

In reality, Ashvamedha’s meaning is “Ashva + Medha” – A yagnya, when performed helps one sharpen & strengthen his memory power & speed just like a horse.

The chanting of various Mantras during the Ashvamedha Yagnya is so pious & effective that the fortunes of the one who performs the Yagnya change for the better. The organization of the Ashvamedha Yagnya is over a period of two days; this is rare and happens once in many centuries and is performed by blessed souls.

Upon completion of the oblation of the Ashvamedha Yagnya symbolically a horse is made to run/gallop which gives evidence & signifies the fact that like the horse, the fortune of those performing the yagnya will rise continuously.

Ashvamedha Yagnya Dedicated To The Nation

“Shreeh vai Rashtram vai Ashvamedhah |
Ashvamedhyaajah sarv disho vijayai bhavati ||

Ashvamedha Yagnya is considered as a sign of happiness & prosperity. The one who performs Ashvamedha Yagnya is victorious & will attain the pinnacle of glory.

Ashvamedhah sarv Yagnyanaam raja |
Ashvamdehah Mahayagnya paavan sarv papanaam ||

Ashvamedha Yagnya is the King of all Yagnyas. Ashvamedha Yagnya can get rid of one from all the sins as it is the most pious Mahayagnya.

Importance Of Ashvamedha Mahayagnya

Quite often, we do see people around us that are not pleasant, presentable, don’t have an attractive personality, and are not from any high/noble clan and yet they are very well to do, prosperous, and have all the worldly pleasures just like a King.

This can be a surprise and one can wonder how is this is possible, but the supreme truth is that this is only possible if the person has performed Ashvamedha Yagnya in his previous birth. Whoever performs Ashvamedha Mahayagnya, everything becomes easy for him, and all the resources in the world are available to him.

Every second we are working towards making our lives full of happiness, sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t. But we don’t get tired and continue with our efforts. If we want our next birth to be full of happiness and perform one Ashvamedha Yagnya today, it is sure that we will get success at every step & stage leading us to a blissful & privileged life in the next birth.

Specialty Of Ashvamedha Mahayagnya

In Ashvamedha Mahayagnya, it is important to have elephants and horses because in Shastras the “Elephant” is considered as the symbol of “auspiciousness” and the “Horse” is considered as the symbol of” Speed & Power.”

The performer of Yagnya comes riding the Elephant & Horse to the pious Yagnyavedi (where Yagnya Hom takes place). This indicates that the performer of Ashvamedha Mahayagnya is akin to a King, manifesting the sentiment of “As is the King So are the Subjects” with the constant sound of conch shells, wooden drums, dundubhi (a musical

instrument like kettle drum) used to extol the glory of the king. All this is important to awaken the sentiments of regality in the hearts & minds of the individual performing the yagnya so that he just feels like a King.

Result Of Doing Ashvamedha Mahayagnya

In this Universe, every appropriate/inappropriate act manifests in some appropriate/inappropriate result.

Karma pradha vishva kari raakhaa ||

Nobody can stay without doing an act/karma so the result manifests for sure. The act of Yagnya is unique.

Yagyo vai shreshtatam karm ||

Yagnya is the best karma (act) in the whole universe and hence the result is also bound to be the best.

In Vedas, there is a mention of many types of Yagnya and amongst all of them “Ashvamedha Mahayagnya” has been mentioned as the greatest. The Shastras are filled with mentions of the benefits of Ashvamedha Mahayagnya. In Ashvalayan Shrout Sutra there is a statement that reads that a man who wants all the things in life, wants to be victorious in everything, and wants all the riches & abundant prosperity, has the right/authority to do “Ashvamedha Mahayagnya”.


Yatirbhupati Raajsokhyam Naranaam |
Vishnu va Kuberam Dhananaam ||

The individual who performs Ashvamedha Yagnya will attain a privileged life just like a landlord of a large piece of land, abundant wealth like Kuber the God of wealth, extremely sacred position like Lord Vishnu, all the heartfelt desires, and an unshakable existence for birth after birth.

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