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Yagyamurti Dadasshrie, the most sought advisor on astronomy, has deeply studied and acquired knowledge on the Sarvatobhadra Chakra, Siddha Chakra, Navmansh Kundli & Yogini Dasha School under the guidance of Jain Acharaya Vijaydan Surishwar Maharaj after putting in scrupulous efforts for half a decade.

Jain school of astronomy uses the complex methods of mathematics and astronomical science. Undoubtedly the scholars of astronomy, globally, consider the Jain School of Astronomy to be the most accurate way of consultation.

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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the Indian style of architecture that explains the design of the place and how it affects our life. It is really important to implement Vastu, especially if you’re building a new house, office,or any space.Vastu Shastra are believed to be 4 to 5 thousand years old.

We can help you get the right Vastu for your properties.


Numerology is an art of event prediction that we’ve inherited from our well-learned Rishi Munis. Numerology is believed to influence a person’s nature, happenings, and life events using numbers associated with names. The number also represents a certain energy.

We can help you get your name right for your desired goals.

Yagya Karta

Yagya literally means “sacrifice, devotion, worship, offering”. In Hinduism, it refers to any ritual done in front of a sacred fire, often with mantras. By doing Puja/Havan, thoughts and vibrations of spiritual forces are created around us and help us in our goals.

We can enable you to imbibe the spiritual energy invoked by the puja.


The Universe has infinite celestial bodies immersed in it. All the elements have mutual effects on each other, while maintaining the balance of Nature and the Universe. The position of the planets influences future events for an individual or an organization.

We help you be prepared for the future based on your planetary positions.

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Dadasshrie Foundation

The Dadasshrie Foundation was created to preach maximum people about sacred & ancient rituals of India. The vision is to enlighten people about the importance of the holy Yagnya and the power of Vedas.

The mission of the foundation is to highlight the long lost or fading knowledge which our Rishis had gathered in ancient times. Collectively, we create awareness among people about brotherhood, humbleness, eternal energy, and the importance of good deeds, reforming the evil components from humanity and bringing in universal peace.

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राजसुय यज्ञ में स्थापित होंगे संसार के सर्वश्रेष्ठ कीर्तिमान
3550 प्रकार की वनस्पतिओ से राजसूय यज्ञ में दी जायेगी आहूति

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